Room to breathe

I recently returned from vacation. Within three days, the guilt started. “I should get back into my blog right away. I can’t let it be pushed to the wayside and neglected.”

But then I thought, NO.

I pushed those thoughts aside and instead focused on renewal. I worked in my garden. I started painting. I sat outside and watched the birds with my dog. I allowed myself to relax.


img_6110-e1527565357868.jpgI’m letting myself be open to new ideas rather than just jumping right back in where I left off. After wandering the Grand Canyon on the adventure of a lifetime, I owe it to myself to allow that experience to shape my perspectives, to let myself be open to changing the narrative rather than fall back into the same old routines.

Starting this blog is an attempt to push myself and my career in new directions, so I’m giving myself the space to allow that. So yes, my next big post might still be a little ways off, but I’m going to keep myself open to enjoying the small moments, including writing smaller snippets like this every once in a while.

So don’t let yourself feel too guilty about neglecting that to-do list. It will never fully be done. Give yourself permission to take a break and enjoy the quiet now and then. Because life is made up of those small moments. And it’s never a bad idea to give yourself some room to breathe.

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