Embrace Your Fears


I started setting up a studio space in my home this weekend and began sorting through old school projects. Along with a hilarious mystery magazine starring 18 year-old me in detective gear and some embarrassing poetry, I came across the essay I wrote to get acceptance into design school. This quote was in there and it still really stands out to me.

All true artists live daily with the fear that they may not be up to the challenge.  Some reach certain plateaus and rest on their past accomplishments. Others embrace their fear and use it like a whip to drive themselves ever forward toward what finally may well be unobtainable anyway.
Bill Witliff

While Witliff is discussing artists, this could apply to anyone trying to make a name for themselves.

Never settle for what you have right now. Push yourself further each day towards your goals. If you want to be seen as a leader in your field, do absolutely everything in your power to get there. Fear is a powerful tool if used correctly. It’s okay to be scared of failure. But use it to keep yourself hungry and motivated. Embrace your fears so that they keep you from resting on what you’ve already got.


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